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I've spent my career helping people tell their stories, connecting them to what they want to say, how to say it and most importantly, why what they say matters.

I am a word lover. I think about them - their ability to shape ideas, drive action, divide and unite us. And I believe that the right words - are a work of art that draw us in - leaving a permanent imprint on our hearts and in our minds. 

​​For some of us, every word we read or hear comes with a picture. 

I MUST VISUALIZE IT to understand it. Feel it. I appreciate a turn of phrase that stops me, makes me think: War is what happens when language fails. (Margaret Atwood). The way three simple words, I love you, can start a life and good-bye, can end one. 

I believe connection deepens when great adjectives and visual images align to create pictures in our minds, translating time, place and assumptions into abstract concepts and flashes of inspiration into new ways of seeing and experiencing ideas. 

Making these connections is my why.  I'm driven to capture the color of feelings, the emotion of stories and the fleeting images that cross my mind when I am moved by words. 

In the abstract or literally - I aim to reinforce these connections  through painted words that convey simple, universal feelings and experiences. 

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