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Girl Talk - Cause Saying Whatever, Whenever Matters

Girl Talk - a safe space to speak about what ever regardless of what ever and feel completely loved and supported regardless of what ever was said- cause that’s what girlfriends do - listen, catch you if you leap, push you if you hesitate and pick you up when you fall down- and maybe they make you laugh about it too - unless of course crying is better - cause they know what’s best for you - or maybe you cry first and then you laugh cause sometimes that works too - but girlfriends know - oh - and they also know if you need chocolate or salt and vinegar potato chips with that cry - and they hunt you down when you go radio silent - and when things really hit the fan - they show up whether you think you want them to or not - cause that’s what we do - we girlfriends build tribes and care for each other and each other’s others and we are all better for it because no matter what we are women who need a tribe of other women to hold us up. And yes, this is a stream of conscious tribute to girl friends and girl talk and - you know what? Girl friends - are still reading cause that’s what we do. That’s Girl Talk.” #doodleskeepmesane#mycreativeartjourney#debkazdeaneblog#debkazenelsondeane

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