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L.A.-based artist, Deb Kazenelson Deane,  uses watercolors, acrylics, oil pastels and mixed media to paint words - visual images that convey the way  she pictures lyrics, poems, stories, and abstract concepts in her mind.  By day she is  a corporate communications executive, wife, mother and daughter. She is also a voracious reader, political junkie and  fitness enthusiast  who  loves to entertain and values human connection above all else. 
Time and empty-nesting have enabled Deb to renew her focus on her art.  Her  work has appeared in several shows and she has begun attracting a growing number of loyal patrons seeking her acrylic and

watercolor  paintings and custom-designed ketubahs. 

Exhibits & Art Shows:

2019 - IMAGINE -  American Jewish University 

2020 - SPACE - Carter-Sexton, juried (cancelled due to COVID)

2021 - PURELY ABSTRACT - Las Lagunas Art Gallery, juried online and gallery exhibition

2022 - ROOT AND BRAND  - LA Arts Association, juried online exhibition

2022 - COMMUNITY -  California Arts Council, juried exhibition, Palm Springs, CA 

Iguasu Falls, Argentina
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